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The purpose of your logo is not to literally describe your product or business. It’s job is to identify your product or business or through the use of  Type and/or a graphic mark or symbol. Your logo is a very important component of your product or business’s visual ID.

It’s important to gain an understanding of the purpose or your business and target market so we can design a logo that will set your business apart from the competition and provide a foundation for your brand’s identity. Juno works with small business owners, through to larger companies to create visually appealing logos that are clean, simple, unique and memorable. View portfolio here

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Brand Identity

Your brand identity is key to establishing the brand as a whole. It needs to be carried through everything your business produces. Your logo is the symbol of your identity and brand.  Your brand identity is all about setting visual guidelines to ensure brand recognition and consistency. As with logo design, research is very important to help shape the direction of your brand identity.

We work with you to develop a brand identity to support your brand as a whole, to use across all mediums of visual communication such as stationery, marketing collateral, products and packaging, signage, website design and much more. View our portfolio.

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logo designer Bali