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The key to designing a great website solution is a good understanding of your business, goals, vision and target market. First impressions count and people will  generally form an opinion within a few seconds browsing your site. Juno builds websites that are on-brand, concise and engaging. We will work closely with you to fashion the look and feel of your website.  We present you with visual mock-ups before we commence coding. Upon approval of the design the build begins.

We provide services such as domain name registration and hosting packages. We can also help with designing html newsletters and email marketing campaigns.  Juno provides ongoing assistance with site maintenance and support.

If you’re searching for professional web designers in Bali, Juno is the digital agency of choice.

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

For the uninitiated a Content Management Systems (commonly referred to as CMS) is essentially a web application that will allow a site owner to manage their site. CMS’s facilitate content editing. They also allow you to manage ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of a website – for example adding menu elements, Performing search engine Optimsation (SEO), and tracking users and their security settings.

Using a CMS platform gives you flexibility to add, update and edit content within your website.  No knowledge of HTML or coding is required.  This gives you greater control. We use and recommend the WordPress CMS. WordPress is arguably the simplest yet most powerful CMS available today. A popular platform here in Australia, it accounted for more than 23% of the top 10 million websites globally as of 2017.

WordPress is  ‘open-source’. This means it isn’t ‘owned’ by anyone. Rather, it’s managed by a controlling body and maintained by interested people across the globe. It will allow 3rd party integration that handles many of the common requirements for most websites.  This cuts down on development time and costs. What started out in 2003 as a single piece of code now accommodates more than 30,000 widgets and plugins. These widgets and plugins allow websites to be easily tailored to suit specific requirements.

WordPress is a great CMS for website owners who aren’t ‘tech savvy’. WordPress provides an easy-to-manage site without compromising quality and functionality.

E-Commerce Systems

E-commerce systems allow you to securely sell your products and services online.

Why is a well-designed e-commerce website so important? To put it simply, it’s your storefront. First impressions matter. If you are an on-line retailers that first impression is your website homepage. E-commerce websites should instil confidence in customers. The need to be clear and professional. No one wants to make a purchase from a site that looks dated.

An e-commerce website should  make the sales process as simple as possible. Site navigation should be intuitive, allowing customers to easily find what they want. The checkout needs to be fast and simple.

For an e-commerce the site design can be ‘make or break’. It’s important to get it right first time. As experienced web designers, Juno can create user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing sites that suit your specific business requirements.

Juno works with a numbers of e-commerce platforms including  Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify & Big Commerce. Shopify and Big Commerce offer a very quick development cycle while WooCommerce will give you more flexibility with it’s WordPress core. Magento is the recognised as the market leader for enterprise level e-commerce websites. Learn more about e-Commerce Solutions.

Custom Developments

Sometimes to create the perfect tailored website, it’s necessary to undertake a custom build.

We love a challenge, so if you need of something a little bit different the let’s chat! Maybe your website needs functionality beyond the scope of standard 3rd party integration. We can assist here. Our programmers have worked on many custom solutions to meet clients’ needs.

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Responsive Web Design

Website design Bali

The use of smart phones and other mobile devices (such as tablets and iPads) is on the rise. In fact more than 12 million Australians have smart phones – a figure that’s growing by the day. This increase has resulted in more people using the internet on the go. Mobile internet access has recently overtaken access via desktops.

Taking this into account, it is very important that your site supports this mobile trend in order to maximise business. If your website is not mobile responsive, mobile users are likely to leave and look elsewhere. If your business website is non-responsive, you are  shutting out a large proportion of the market.

Responsive website design presents your site in a layout that suits a wide range of screen sizes. This is done by adjusting the layout depending on the device used to view the site.

Juno implements responsive design as part of any new site. It’s much easier to make a site responsive from the outset. This means you only need to create one website rather than creating a ‘mobile-friendly’ version of the website down the track. Having said this we are happy to help create a responsive website for those who may already have a standard website in use.


How much will my site cost and how long will the build take?

The cost and timelines here depend on the size of the website, the detail of the design and the functionality is required. A basic brochure-style website with only a couple of pages is going to be much quicker development process than a large e-commerce site with lots of product pages.

We gather all this information from you before commencing so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

What’s a domain name and do I need web hosting?

A domain name is the URL of your website. A web host is the physical server where your site files are stored. You require both a domain name and hosting to be able to make your site live.

We can organise both your domain name and web hosting on your behalf, making this process hassle-free.

What is SEO or Search engine optimisation?

SEO, is a process used to increase visibility and positioning of your site as high as possible within search engine results pages.

When your audience is in search of products or services, you want your site to be as high on the search engine rankings as possible. This is achieved by writing content for your site that is relevant and uses keywords and phrases that people are likely to search for when looking  for your product or service. Also it helps to have quality external sites link to your site from external sites. Based on this info, the search engines will measure the relevance of your site to the search term entered.

Great web design is an important factor when it comes to SEO, and therefore it’s important to choose web designers that keep SEO in mind. A site that is built to be ‘SEO-friendly’ from the beginning is far easier to optimise in comparison to one that hasn’t taken SEO in account at all. In short, designers need to build sites that accommodate both human visitors and search engines.

At Juno Creative we have a sound understanding of SEO, and therefore we’re able to ensure our sites are built with Google in mind.

We do this by:

Ensuring the content is ‘indexable’. Our CMS of choice (WordPress) largely facilitates this; in short, any important content is in HTML text so that the search engines are able to ‘read’ (index) it. Images and Flash files, although visible to the human user, are somewhat ignored by search engines. Search engines determine the meaning and relevance of the page based on the text they can index, so therefore it’s critical to ensure all important information can be ‘read’ by search engines.

Creating ‘crawlable’ link structures. Simply put, you website needs to be structured in an SEO-friendly way so that search engine bots can find their way around when crawling it for information. If it’s not structured correctly, they may miss crucial pages.

Using correct title tags. The title tags explain, in a concise manner, what the page is about – and they influence how a search engine reads and interprets a page.

Carefully considering the URL structure. URLs need to be carefully considered, as they can be useful in terms of SEO. The URL structure should be logical (both for humans and Google) and should ideally explain the overarching theme of the page – rather than appearing as a jumble of letters and numbers!

What is a website’s conversion rate?

This is is basically the number of website visitors who convert into paying customers. For example, if you had 100 visitors land on your site each day, and 5 buy a product or enquire about your services, then the conversion rate is 5%.

A lot of digital marketing agencies talk about website traffic and how they can  increase it. The truth is that its not all about traffic. Traffic is useless if  the site does not convert this traffic. A website’s conversion rate will directly impacts your bottom line.

So what does your sites conversion rate have to do with web design? Well, a carefully designed site can increase the conversion rate – it’s as simple as that. Intuitive navigation, engaging calls to action, carefully crafted landing pages and quick load times are help improve a site’s conversion rate. Having a mobile friendly site that appears professional and trustworthy is also important.

As experienced web designers, Juno is able to build sites that facilitate good conversion rates.

How do I get information regarding traffic to my site?

Google Analytics is a free reporting service provided by Google. It allows you to view reports relating to your site and its visitors. It will give you an insight into how visitors are finding your site. This can either be  by entering direct linking, search engines results or linking from other sites. Google Analytics also shows how many people are visiting your site and the duration of their visit, the top keywords used to find your site and much more. Juno can set Google Analytics up upon request.
If you’re looking for a reputable agency that specialises in web design in Bali, look no further than the team at Juno . Contact us today for more information – we’d love to hear from you!